Frequently asked questions

Answers and advice to help you add a little order to the chaos. Sort through the FAQs below and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please drop a message into the chat.

How do I download the app?

Go to your app store and search The Organised Mum or click here.

How much does the app cost?

The app is a one off payment of £5.99.

What’s included in the app?

The app has checklists, streaks, space for your own shopping lists, recipes and it’s easy access to TOM Rocks as well as handy seasonal lists and motivational comments! It will give you techniques, tips and tools to revolutionise the way you structure your life.

How do I set holiday mode on the app?

To turn on holiday mode:

  • Go to the calendar icon in the menu bar at the bottom of the home page
  • Toggle Holiday Mode to on
  • Pick your start date

To turn off holiday mode:

  • Toggle Holiday Mode to off
  • Pick your end date
How do I customise the app?

To customise the app please go to the following:

  • Click customise your clean in the main menu (click the burger icon at the top to open the menu)
  • Select the day you want to customise
  • You can delete jobs or add jobs here under the levels and change the focus day room by clicking the pencil icon

To add a job

  • Click ‘enter a new job’
  • Choose whether you would like the job to appear on this day every week
  • Click save

If you want to delete a job, click the pencil icon, hit the bin, then save.

At any point, if you want to restore the original TOM jobs please click the restore button at the bottom.

What do I do if I can’t log in on the app?

First of all please check that you are entering your user name and not your email address (unless you set your email as your user name) please follow the forgotten password or username/email prompts on the log in screen. If you are still having difficulties please fill in our contact form or email

Can I get a refund for the app?

Here at team tom we do not deal with any payments this is done through the App Store, you would need to go back to the App Store your purchased the app from to see about any refunds.

Where can I find support with other TOMers?

If you head over to to our Facebook group “The Organised Mum Community“ there are lots of members who are happy to share their stories hints and tips.

Can my partner log in on the app?

Yes they can, if you are both on the same operating system you and set up family share (please Google how to) this is not provided by ourselves however once set up you can share logins for the team tom app.

What is a guided session?

The guided cleans are audio sessions where you can play your own music or use Gemma’s playlist that guide you through a clean in a room or area of your home. If you would like to try and of the cleans for free then we have a 7-day free trial.

Who is TOM Rocks for?

This is for you if…

  • You feel like you’re drowning in housework.
  • You spend countless hours (that you don’t have) cleaning the house.
  • You are busy, tired and struggle to find the oomph to get the housework done.
  • You want a way to get the cleaning done fast, so you can get on with your day.
  • You seem to spend all of your time cleaning but have little to show for your efforts.
  • You crave some real-time guidance to get you back on track
Is it the same as The Organised Mum and The Organised Mum Method Book?

Although by the same creator (Gemma Bray) TOM Rocks and The Organised Mum Method are two separate concepts, although many that use both find they compliment each other. If you love TOM then the great news is that there are classic TOM sessions in the guided sessions.

How do I join?

You can access the TOM Rocks via the Organised Mum app from your App store, old Patreon users can choose to stay with Patreon where two new cleans will be added a week, or access all of the new content via the app.

We offer a 7 day free trial to see if it’s for you.

*When your free trial ends you will pay £3.59 per month (please note this is charged on joining and monthly on the same date thereafter).

How much does it cost?

Firstly download The Organised Mum app for a one off fee of £5.99 and then subscribe to TOM Rocks within the app for £3.59 per month (please note this is charged on joining and monthly on the same date thereafter). You will automatically get a 7 day free trial of the subscription.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes. Firstly though you must download The Organised Mum app, for a one off fee of £5.99 then you can access the whole library of guided sessions for 7 days FOR FREE to see if you like it.

*When your free trial ends you will pay £3.59 per month (please note this is charged on joining and monthly on the same date thereafter).

By clicking start the free trial, you agree to terms specified within the app and that you’ll start a subscription unless you cancel before your trial ends in your membership settings. This subscription automatically renews monthly and you’ll be notified if the above amount increases.

How do I login?

You can login via The Organised Mum App. You will need to ensure that you use the email address and password that you registered with.

Where should I start?

There is no set place to start. There are guided sessions available for all rooms, moods, keeping you company etc. Once you log into TOM rocks on the App you can search by categories, keyword or favourites! And don’t worry, if you’re moving over from Patreon all of the legacy sessions have been loaded into the app (though you won’t be able to play some of these with your own music.) Remember to tick TOM Rocks on your daily list to earn your day streak!

Can I play my own music?

This has been a hugely requested feature… and yes! In the App you can now play your own music, if you decide to stick with Patreon, this will be a feature you don’t have access to. There will be a few legacy sessions in the app that you can’t add your own music to, but anything new will have the new audio feature!

How do I cancel my Patreon membership and move to the new TOM Rocks?

You can sign up to the new TOM Rocks before you cancel Patreon to test out whether you like it with our 7 day free trial!

You can then cancel Patreon anytime via one of the following methods.

Patreon app – select the account button in the bottom corner. Then you’ll see your memberships. Click the pencil next to ‘Rock the Housework’ and then a screen should load up which has the option to cancel or edit your membership (underneath the update button). It will then take you through the process.

Desktop – select Settings, Memberships, select RTH, view details, edit, select Edit or Cancel Membership. Tick Cancel Membership.

How do I change my payment details?

You can add or update your payment details via your app store provider.

How do I search for specific guided sessions?

You can use the search bar by typing in a key word where it says ‘search the vault’ this will bring up all of the sessions with that word in the title or description, you can then filter these cleans.

Can I create a favourites list?

Yes, if you click the flag icon at the top of each clean, when it turns yellow it will be added to your favourites list which can be found on the home page of TOM Rocks in the app.

Can I listen through Alexa?

Yes. You can Bluetooth via your phone to your Alexa.

How do I contact support?

For all billing / subscription enquiries please contact your app store If you have a TOM or TOM Rocks question please fill in our contact form or email

Can I request a new guided session or make a suggestion?

Yes, we love feedback and suggestions, please use our contact form or send an email to

Some guided sessions are not loading or playing what should I do?

If you click on the clean it will take you through to another screen where you can start, stop forward etc.

If you still experience problems prior to contacting support it is advisable to try logging out and back in again and/or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Often this solves the problem.

Should you need further support please email us –

How do I cancel TOM Rocks subscription?

TOM Rocks is an in app subscription which needs to be cancelled via your phones settings in either Google Play or Apple subscriptions. Please see these handy ‘how to’ articles below.

Android user: Google Play
Apple user: App Store