Level 1

The Daily Do's

Along with our 30-minute method, we also have our daily do’s. These are your go-to’s. A top-level tidy that should take no more than 15 minutes. Each of us have different homes, so our dos will be different too. You can tweak your list in the app, but remember to keep it short, simple, and speedy.

How your 15-minute daily do’s could look:

  • Quick floor clean Focusing on the main living areas only. If you have hard flooring, aim to mop once a week.
  • Speedy bathroom clean Mix up your bathroom tasks so that each area gets a little attention each day, including a mop of the floors at least once a week.
  • 1 load of laundry You may want to vary this amount based on your family’s needs.
  • Make the beds A super-fast straighten up works wonders.

Level 2

The 30 Minutes

Each day has a set focus to ensure every part of your home gets the necessary attention. In the app, you’ll find a customisable list of tasks for each room. Aim to spend no more than 30 minutes on the entire list of tasks for that day, remember you will be cleaning that space again at the same time next week. As the weeks go by, you will find that your housework becomes quicker and easier to manage.

The Breakdown

  • Monday: Living Room
  • Tuesday: Bedrooms
  • Wednesday: Hall & Stairs
  • Thursday: Kitchen

Level 3

Friday Focus

Here it is. The secret to The Organised Mum Method.

The Friday Focus ensures that all areas of your home get a regular deep clean. The focus areas change weekly in an 8-week rotation, so on top of the daily dos and 30 minute cleans, each room gets its own additional burst of attention.

In the app you’ll find thorough task lists for each room that you can edit and customise as needed. You’ll hit rewards as you track your progress through the app and, once you reach the end of each week, with all levels complete, you’ll build up a chart of glowing achievements. A cleaning streak that will keep you as motivated as your freshly organised home.

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Photo of Gemma Gray

Meet Gemma Gemma Bray is a Sunday Times Best Selling author and creator of The Organised Mum Method.

As an overwhelmed new mother, Gemma found her anxiety manifesting in hours of cleaning each day. This constant battle for control amidst the chaos of family life, led to a breakthrough moment. Things just couldn’t go on in this way.

Gemma, sitting at the kitchen table she’d already cleaned twice that morning, mapped out each and every household task, and devised a plan that would keep her home organised in just thirty minutes each day. No more never-ending to-do lists. No more panic at the sound of an unexpected doorbell. And no more weekend cleaning whatsoever.

The Organised Mum Method is beautifully simple. The breakdown of tasks ensures each area of your home is given regular short bursts of attention, with one session each week dedicated to a deeper more focused clean. With rewards to keep you motivated and a bootcamp to get you started, every aspect of housework dread is addressed and worked through.

With a best-selling app, and best-selling books, to her name, Gemma, also known as The Organised Mum, is making a real difference to the lives of parents around the world. Freeing you from the overwhelm, one load of washing and sticky placemat at a time.