Rock Your Cleaning Routine with ‘TOM Rocks’—Two Ways to Join the Party!”

9th Oct 2023 2 min read
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If you’ve ever thought, “I wish I had a hype squad cheering me on as I tackle that ominous pile of laundry,” then keep on reading.

Welcome to the game-changing world of ‘TOM Rocks’ guided cleans!

The personal trainer for your housework.
The Organised Mum Rocks is a bank of audio sessions to clean, cook and organise your life by.

So, how can you tune in? Hold onto your feather dusters, because there are TWO awesome options to choose from.

Option 1: Via The Organised Mum App (on Android and iOS)

For just £3.59 a month—yup, that’s less than a fancy coffee—you can get:

  1. **A 7-Day Free Trial**: Because who doesn’t like to try before they buy?
  2. **Your Own Music**: Rock out to Taylor Swift or chill with Billie Eilish. Your choice!
  3. **Built-In Music**: Or let us set the mood for you.
  4. **Save Your Fave Cleans**: Love that Dreamy After Dinner session? Save it for round two!

To get started, download The Organised Mum App for a one-off £5.99. Inside the app, look for the ‘TOM Rocks’ subscription and you’re golden!

Option 2: Via Patreon

Your second option is to go old-school and hop over to Patreon. Search for ‘The Organised Mum,’ and voila! For £3.60 a month, you get:

  1. **A Free Trial**: Yep, still free to start!
  2. **Built-In Music**: A hand-picked playlist to get you in the zone.

But take note: On Patreon, you can’t play your own music or save your fave sessions. A little less freedom, but still a ton of fun!

So, there you have it! Two fabulous options to bring some groove into your cleaning!  Now, which one will you choose? Whatever you decide, your house is about to get a whole lot cleaner and your cleaning sesh a whole lot cooler!

Catch you later, cleaning superstars!