“I’m Hungry!” A Quick List of Snack Ideas for Busy Parents

20th Jul 2023 3 min read
Category: Eating — Tags: parenting tips, plan ahead, snack ideas, the organised mum

The school holidays are nearly here and they can be a whirlwind with little ones constantly on the go and always in need of snacks. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, run out of ideas, and get stuck in a snack rut … fear not! We’ve got you covered with a list of snack ideas that will keep your kids happy and satisfied during the school holidays. From savoury bites to sweet treats, these snacks are not only delicious but also easy to prepare ahead of time. So, let’s tuck in!

  1. Rice Cakes with Various Toppings: Rice cakes are a versatile and light snack that can be topped with a variety of ingredients. Spread some cream cheese and top with sliced cucumber, or try almond butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Get creative and let your kids choose their favourite toppings.
  2. Pizza Rolls: Who doesn’t love pizza? Whip up some mini pizza rolls using store-bought or homemade pizza dough. Roll them up with tomato sauce, cheese, and their favourite toppings. Bake until golden and delicious, and watch them disappear in no time!
  3. Flapjacks: Flapjacks are a classic and satisfying snack that can be made ahead of time and stored for days when you need a quick fix. Packed with oats, honey, and dried fruit, they provide a burst of energy and a touch of sweetness.
  4. Mini Sausage Rolls: These bite-sized delights are perfect for a savoury treat during the school holidays. Make a batch of mini sausage rolls using store-bought puff pastry. They’re great for on-the-go snacking
  5. Pinwheels with Different Fillings: Pinwheels are not only visually appealing but also delicious and customizable. Spread tortilla wraps with cream cheese or hummus, add your favourite fillings like sliced turkey, cheese, or roasted vegetables, and roll them up tightly.
  6. Malt Loaf: Malt loaf is a dense and moist fruit cake that kids love. It’s rich in flavor, packed with dried fruit, and can be sliced into handy portions for snack time. Make a loaf ahead of time, and you’ll have a satisfying snack ready whenever you need it.
  7. Dried Fruit: Dried fruit is a quick and healthy snack option that requires no preparation. Stock up on a variety of dried fruits like raisins, apricots, or apple slices for a natural and nutritious treat.
  8. Boiled Eggs: Boiled eggs are a fantastic source of protein and make for a filling snack. Prepare a batch of boiled eggs in advance and keep them in the fridge for an easy grab-and-go option.
  9. Veggies and Dip: Keep things fresh and crunchy with a platter of sliced vegetables like carrots, celery, peppers, and cherry tomatoes. Pair them with a tasty dip like hummus or ranch dressing for an irresistible snack combination.
  10. Make-Ahead and Frozen Muffins: Muffins are a versatile snack that can be made ahead of time and frozen in batches. Choose your kids’ favourite flavours, such as blueberry, banana, or chocolate chip!
  11. Tinned Rice Pudding and Chopped Fruit: For snack emergencies keep tins of rice pudding in your pantry. Top the rice pudding with chopped fresh fruit like strawberries, banana slices, or diced apples for a delightful and wholesome snack.
  12. Yogurt with Fruit or Jam: Yogurt is a nutritious option that can be easily customised with fruits or a dollop of jam. Mix in fresh berries, mango chunks, or a spoonful of their favourite jam for a delightful burst of flavour.
  13. Scones and Pancakes: Scones and pancakes are delightful homemade treats that can be enjoyed as a snack. Bake a batch of scones or make a stack of pancakes and let your kids choose their favorite toppings like jam, honey, or whipped cream.
  14. Freeze Bananas for Smoothies and Nice Cream: Freeze ripe bananas for smoothies or to make “nice cream.” Blend frozen bananas with a splash of milk or yogurt for a delicious and healthy treat that mimics the creaminess of ice cream.
  15. Eggy Bread: Enough said!
  16. Oatcakes: Oatcakes are a nutritious and hearty snack made from oats, flour, and butter. They’re perfect for spreading with cream cheese, hummus, or your kids’ favorite toppings.

Happy snacking!