Theme Park Tips for Parents

18th Jul 2023 3 min read
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Are you thinking of taking the family to a theme park this Summer? While the excitement is contagious, navigating long queues and keeping everything organised can sometimes be a bit of a headache. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got your back with these tips from fellow parents that will make your theme park experience much less stressful. From clever planning to must-have items, these tips will ensure your day is filled with fun (not fuss).

Snacks for Long Queues:

Oh, those queues can sometimes feel never-ending! To keep those tummies happy, make sure to pack some snacks. Grab some granola bars, fruit slices, or even small bags of trail mix. Not only will these snacks keep everyone energised, but they’ll also help distract the little ones during the wait.

Plan the Perfect Adventure with a Park Map:

Take some time to study the park map together with your little explorers (maybe do it to the night before to get the excitement pumping). Mark the attractions you’re most excited about and plan your day accordingly. By having a rough idea of where you’re going, you’ll make sure to experience all the magic without any unnecessary backtracking.

Bring a Wheeled Coolbag and Water Bottle:

Keep the fun going and tummies full by bringing a wheeled coolbag with your own lunch and drinks.This way you can guarantee that you will have food on hand that you are confident that you kids will actually eat (you will probably save money too). Don’t forget to pack a reusable water bottle that you can easily refill at designated water stations.

Sick of sandwiches?

To add some variety to your lunch, keep hotdogs hot in a thermos flask and pack buns separately. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to add something a little different to the usual pack lunch of sandwich and crisps. Oh, and here’s a neat trick! Freeze Capri Suns or other juice boxes the night before to keep your food cool while having a refreshing drink. This will save you the room (and extra weight) of carrying around ice packs.

Navigate Like a Pro:

When you step foot in the park, here’s a little secret: starting at the far end and working your way back to the exit can be a magical strategy. Alternatively, head to the right-most area and explore from there. This little trick can help you avoid the crowds and enjoy shorter wait times, especially during those early hours of excitement.

Park App Magic:

Did you know that most theme parks have their very own apps? They’re like little treasure troves of information! Use the app to input your child’s height, and it will reveal which rides are perfect for them. It even tells you how long you might have to wait. Now you can plan your day land make sure everyone gets to experience their favourite attractions!

Essential Items for a Magical Day:

Remember to pack a sunhat, sunscreen lotion, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and all the essentials in a handy bumbag or backpack. Trust us, these little things will come to the rescue when you least expect it.

Spotting and Safety First:

Let’s make sure those little adventurers stand out! Dress your kids in bright t-shirts so they’re easy to spot in play areas. Snap a quick photo of each child at the start of the day and attach a wristband with your contact information. If, by any chance, they wander off, you’ll have a visual reference to show the park staff.

Take a Break with Shows and Cinema:

You can’t be on the go all day so make sure to add in a little downtime. Keep in mind that young ones may need a nap during the day. Shows and cinema experiences are perfect for catching some Z’s while enjoying fantastic entertainment. Take note of the show schedule and plan breaks with your little ones in mind.

Timing and Toilets: Our Secrets to Success:

Early birds catch the most fun! Arriving early comes with incredible perks like shorter queues and less crowded attractions. Oh, and let’s not forget about finding the closest toilets. Familiarise yourself with their locations to avoid any last-minute mad dashes. And remember, it’s always best to visit the restroom before getting in line for a ride to keep everyone comfortable and smiling.

More Magic Moments

Consider purchasing queue busters or fast passes to reduce wait times for popular rides.

Weekdays tend to be quieter, while school holidays are busier. Keep this in mind when planning your visit.

Don’t forget to bring a buggy or stroller to help carry bags and tired little feet

Pack thin jackets or sweaters in your car just in case the weather surprises you later in the day

And lastly, pack some toys or games to keep those little ones entertained during long queues or downtime.

So grab that map, pack those snacks, and let the fun begin. It’s time to make memories!–