Things you might be forgetting to clean in the bathroom

27th Nov 2020 2 min read
Category: Cleaning

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Bathroom cleaning is a hot topic in TeamTOMM. I promise they aren’t as scary to clean as people think and if you make sure that you approach bathroom cleaning with a little and often mindset then you will always be on top of them!

But bathroom cleaning is a bit more than the loo and the sink, so I thought I would write a handy little list just as a reminder of the most forgotten areas of the bathroom when it comes to getting them looking all sparkly!

Light switches/light pulls. These are often forgotten about all over the house!

The toilet flush handle! Really really important. Just take a moment to think of the order that people do things in the loo. They use the loo, flush the loo THEN wash their hands. Enough said!

Don’t neglect the toilet pedestal and the pipe at the back of the loo. You need to get behind the toilet!

Same with the sink pedestal, these can get really grubby!

A word on toothbrush holders. They actually make me feel slightly icky. We got rid of ours years ago. Quite simply they can collect water from your toothbrushes and this all collects at the bottom of the holder and if left unchecked can start to go very manky?

A word on limescale … I swear sales in Viakal must have skyrocketed thanks to TeamTOMM. But seriously this stuff is the BOMB! Use it and it will bring back the shine back to your bathroom.

Toilet brush holders When I first started this blog Mike said why don’t you start a blog about something sexy like holidays? But nope, here I am talking about toilet brushes ? We don’t have toilet brushes … they make me feel even worse than toothbrush holders! But if you don’t feel the same way then you must clean them and the holder on the regular… we all know why this is!

If you have a shower screen then make sure you clean the rubber seal as this can get grubby really quickly (the name of the rubber seal thing is eluding me … I have even just asked my mother-in-law but I am hoping you know what I mean!)

Extractor vents. Absolute dust traps! So pay attention to them every now and again.

Now go forth and make those bathrooms SHINE! 

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