The Daily Plan

26th Oct 2020 < 1 read
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Back in March, I never expected the lockdown/local lockdowns to go on for as long as they have. Many of us are in different versions of lockdown and we are heading for what looks like a COVID Christmas.

I know that there are LOTS of us who have had our daily structure thrown into disarray.

When things like this happen it is totally OK to dial things back. We are not superhuman and we cannot expect to keep going at the same rate as when things were ‘normal’. I know that lots of you will have already read The Organised Time Technique (if you haven’t you can grab a copy here) and you’ll be nodding your heads along in agreement with the fact that we can’t keep expecting to squeeze more and more into our days. If we do that we will just burn out – and then nothing at all will get done.

So here is a handy free printable to help you work out how you are going to be spending your time units throughout these strange days.

I have split it into early morning/mid-morning/afternoon and evening so that you can adjust it to suit your own timings. Maybe you would like to laminate it, so that you can change it as things change.

Good luck everyone, stay healthy and keep doing your bit for your community we CAN do this! ❤️