Meal Plan 16th Sept – Change.

16th Sep 2019 < 1 read
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Hi team 🙂

Things are starting to get VERY busy here at TeamTOMM Towers – over the last couple of weeks I have putting in 70-80 hour working weeks which has left very little time for social media (and anything else for that matter) and seeing as work is getting busier it means a little tweak in how I plan my meals.

I used to sit down every weekend and plan but now that I am sharing my meal plans with thousands of TeamTOMM members it is taking more work than just jotting it down on a post-it note and sticking it on the fridge.

You have also been requesting for ages that I share with you all what I eat at breakfast and lunch, so I am now including these too.

From now on meal plans will be with you on a Friday for the coming week. You will see that this week’s meal plan has Saturday and Sunday missing and that is because they will be included in the meal plan that is due out this Friday.

Recipes are clickable and highlighted in red and you can also download and print.

Happy eating 🙂

Gem ❤️