I Wrote a Book!

9th Jul 2019 2 min read
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On the 31st of December 2016, the kids and I were talking about our goals and ambitions for the coming year. Tom (the whole reason why The Organised Mum Method exists – you can read the history of TOMM here) dared me to start an Instagram page about how I approached the housework. The way I clean has always been a bit of a talking point among my family and friends – some people would gently tease me about the routine that I followed, whilst others would secretly screenshot the list on my fridge and take it home.

I laughed at his suggestions thinking it was a bonkers idea – but he dared me and I am a competitive person so I decided I had nothing to lose and go for it! I fully expected to give it a go for a couple of weeks and prove to him that no one would be interested in the fact that I clean my kitchen every Thursday and that I don’t do any housework at the weekends.

I dipped my toe into the scary Instagram world of avocado on toast and started to talk about cleaning. I was CONVINCED that people who roll their eyes and scroll on (and to be honest I was fine with that).

But something weird happened. People started to follow and not only that people started to follow The Organised Mum Method. It blew me away.

Then people requested a blog and print outs so that they could stick TOMM to their fridge to keep them on track … so I created this blog.

Then people requested a Facebook group where they could discuss TOMM and give each other hints, tips and cheer each other on, so I created that too.

And then people started to ask for a book. Something that they could pass on to their kids, friends and family. And here it is… It is available to pre-order and is out on September 5th 2019 – almost 3 years since the dare that kicked the whole thing off. I hope you love it. I am so proud of it ❤️

You can pre-order my book from Amazon here