Slow Cooker Gunpowder Potatoes

2nd Apr 2019 < 1 read
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Being dairy-free means that I very often have to recreate my favourite dishes without the dairy and often it can take a few tweaks. Not eating dairy also means I miss out on eating certain cuisines when I eat out, Indian food being one of the things that I miss the most.

Hence my recipes for the slow cooker potato korma and the onion bhajis – all my way of keeping some of my fave foods firmly on the menu at home.


A while ago Mike and I enjoyed a rare childfree day out in London and we stumbled across the most amazing restuarnat called Dishoom in Covent Garden. It had DAIRY FREE options. Which meant I was in in heaven.

Being a total carb queen I ordered the Gunpowder potatoes and they blew my socks off.

I couldn’t just eat them once, they have been on the menu at home lots of times since and here is my very easy but very tasty take on them …