The Pink Stuff in Your Bathroom: No Not THAT Pink Stuff!

11th Mar 2019 < 1 read
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We all know about the black type of mould that can appear in the bathroom and many a TOMMer has asked the best way to tackle this. There are lots of ways to win the war with mould and mildew in the bathroom ranging from a blast of a special mould and mildew spray (you guys like the Dettol one) or more natural ways using vinegar and airing the bathroom for at least 30 minutes a day.

But how many of you have noticed a pink coating on your bathroom tiles and wondered where on earth it was coming from?

This pink stuff is actually a type of airborne bacteria called Serratia marcescens that thrives in warm, moist areas and likes soap scum. Which is why it loves your shower cubicle!

The good news is that it is fairly easy to get rid of and keep on top of! But because it is airborne it might be an annoying ongoing issue for some of you. The best way to keep it at bay it to get in your bathrooms and give them a really quick clean on a daily basis. Well hello level 1 jobs*!! This will make sure that any excess soap is kept under control and your bathroom surfaces will be less of an attractive option to the bacteria to thrive on.

Also make sure you keep the bathroom as dry as you can by opening the windows after you have showered or taken a bath.

You can also use a squeegee and/or a daily shower spray to keep your shower free of the pink stuff for longer!

*The level 1 jobs form part of the clenaing method better known as The Organsied Mum Method which you can check out here