The Bosch GlassVAC: A Review

4th Dec 2018 2 min read
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When I’m cleaning windows!

How do I get smear-free, clean windows?

This is one of the most common questions asked in the TeamTOMM Facebook Group. It seems that for some of you window cleaning is like the big boss at the end of a computer game level (you know the one that is really really hard to defeat?).

So when Bosch asked me to review their GlassVAC I jumped at the chance. I have never used one before so it seemed like the perfect chance to give it a go.

And when I started to test it out, it became clear that the GlassVAC could do so much more than just cleaning windows. It worked a treat on my bi-folds and mirrors but it also was amazing on my high gloss kitchen units and quartz worktops.

We don’t have shower cubicles, I wish we did (you all know how I lament daily about my choice of a wet room. Don’t do it… you will constantly have wet socks!) But if you are wiser than me and have a glass shower cubicle then the GlassVAC will work a treat, as it sucks up the water and will leave you with a dry streak free finish.

But, as you know watching these things in action is the best way to see for yourself. So here is a vid with some cracking before and after action (because who doesn’t love that?)

But before you watch …I know that lots of TeamTOMM members are trying to reduce the number of cleaning products that are used in their home, so I asked Bosch if I could use the GlassVAC with a water and vinegar mix (which we already know is fab on windows) and this is what they said:

“Yes! The GlassVAC can vacuum off a water-vinegar solution without damaging the tool or the blades and even a simple washing up liquid solution works well. The only things to avoid using with the GlassVAC are undiluted acids, acetone or solvents.”

So without further a do, let’s see what this bad boy can do …


(Please note that I was paid to review this product, but as always my review is an honest one)