How I’m Going to Rock The Housework at Christmas

26th Nov 2018 < 1 read
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This time next month it will be Boxing Day and we will be full of festive food!

You’re all a bunch of keen beans because you’ve been asking me how I am going to structure my Christmas week when it comes to cleaning. So I thought I would put it all down here so you can see what the master plan is.

This is how my Christmas cleaning is going to go down …

Monday is Christmas Eve and Tuesday is Christmas Day. So with that in mind, I am going to change my TOMM week a little (I am NOT going to be doing Clean Sheet Tuesday on Christmas Day that’s for sure!) Of course this doesn’t mean you have to do the same, but I thought it might give you an idea of how I plan to tackle it ?.

Saturday 22nd: Housework free

Sunday 23rd: I am seeing this as my prep day. We are having the Christmas food shop delivered in the morning and then I will do both my Monday and Tuesday 30mins.

Monday 24th: Christmas Eve (no cleaning just eating)

Tuesday 25th Christmas Day (still no cleaning and more eating)

Wednesday: Boxing Day. By this point, I am usually itching to do some cleaning and seeing as it is Hallway Day  (my easiest day of the week) I might do a bit of that. If I am too full of mince pies, then not to worry, I can just tag it onto Thursday.

Thursday: Kitchen Day

Friday Focus: Outside Space. This will probably involve a trip to the recycling depot/bottle bank!

And then it will all go back to normal AND it is week 1 next week just in time for the New Year!