New Cloth on The Block? … The Absorber

8th Nov 2018 2 min read
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“The Absorber! …”

When you blog about cleaning you use lots of cloths, you try all sorts, so it takes a lot for a cloth to stand out! When I was contacted by the people at Absorber to see what I thought of their cloth I was really excited to give it a go.

Now apparently the Absorber cloth is quite the thing in America but over in here the UK it is still to make its mark. Well, I think TeamTOMM might change this cloth’s fortune! I am not usually one of the ones ahead of the curve so I feel really lucky to be able to review this and give TeamTOMM the heads up and the low down on The Absorber.

So why is it different to a normal cloth?

Well, it can hold a lot of water! Hence why it is called the Absorber! In my video, I am using the Mini Absorber. The larger version holds up to half a pint of water but the Mini made a good go of it too!

It leaves your bathroom and kitchen surfaces dry and streak free in no time, it is machine washable and it can be stored wet in its tube.

To be honest, the number of uses it has was a little overwhelming for me at first, you only have to look through The Absorber website to see how much this cloth can actually do. If you get one you will find yourself wandering around your house trying to find new and fun ways to challenge your Absorber!

But as with most things the best way is for you to see for yourself … “

If you want to bag yourself an Absorber then use the code TEAMTOMM for a 10% discount. 

(Please note that I was paid to review this product, but as always my review is an honest one)