Holiday Hacks! How To Make Flying Easier When You Have Kids.

15th Aug 2018 2 min read
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Holidays are wonderful but your stress levels can rise to epic levels because of all the stuff that you need to do before you get there! If you’ve got kids it is no longer a case of just throwing a couple of bikinis in your suitcase and trotting off to duty-free! Airports can be stressful places and then you have to contend with THE FLIGHT! 

We are flying off to Greece on Sunday and I am happily packing for me and three kids!

But there’s also stuff like making sure the dog is looked after, the milk isn’t going to go sour in the fridge and you have enough suntan lotion!

I have a really comprehensive holiday countdown guide HERE that you can print off for peace of mind and a stress-free run up to your hols!

BUT I also have some handy hints that will make your life easier when you fly! 

If you have a baby who is on formula and you want to take ready-made bottles with you or you want to take the powder then you can order this to be picked up from the Boots at the airport terminal. You do have to order it in advance though so don’t leave it until the last minute. This means that you are not using up your baggage allowance and you will be taking it onto the plane as hand luggage.

Buy your snacks for the plane before you get to the airport. It will save you having to do a last minute dash to WH Smith as the flight is boarding.

When your kids are little and if you get stressed at just the thought of a plane journey then try to keep your trips short haul.

Remember that the best time to fly is when you have a baby is who isn’t yet crawling. When babies are on the move it becomes harder to keep them in one place on the plane and you will find yourself walking up and down the aisle with a crawling/toddling child! The younger the baby the more portable they are!

If you are flying with a baby and you are already in a cold sweat about how you are going to keep them entertained …. Get a load of toys from the charity shop (keeps the cost down) and keep them hidden until your journey. This will keep them entertained with all the new and exciting stuff!

If you can, try and feed them on take off and landing as it will help the pressure in their ears.

Check in online and save yourself queuing!

As an extra luxury look into booking an airport lounge as this will give you a calm space to relax (vital if you have little ones)! Airports are getting busier and trying to keep the kids calm in amongst the duty-free can be a bit fraught! Most lounges have a buffet and drinks so if you have a child that is easily kept happy with food then this is the way to go!

And finally just try to relax. If your baby kicks off half way through an 8-hour flight there really is very little you can do about it! Most people on the plane will understand. Most of us have been there ❤️