Father’s Day Ideas! Thrifty but Thoughtful!

10th Jun 2018 2 min read
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Firstly a word to the people who are feeling sad about Father’s Day ❤️ If your dad is no longer with you or your kids’ dad is absent then Father’s Day can be a hard day of the year. I remember when I was a single mum and found Father’s Day really hard. So before we get started on the gift ideas, I just wanted to give you guys a virtual hug first❤️

Next Sunday is Father’s Day in the UK (17th June)… so that means there is one more week left to get something sorted!

If you are really stuck for what to do but can’t splash the cash then TeamTOMM have come up with some fab ideas to help you mark the day without breaking the bank!

  • Give the gift of nothing … OK bear with me! When I asked Mike what he would want for Father’s Day in an ideal world, he told me that he wanted to do nothing (we have 4 kids between us so having nothing to do NEVER happens!) If your partner is in the same boat then why not give them some time off! Really give them some time off .. take the kids out of the house and leave them with a silent empty house … BLISS … the length of time is totally up to you!
  • If your other half has a sweet tooth then why not get the kids to bake a cake? Take it one step further and video the kids making it and he can have a laugh watching the inevitable cooking chaos whilst he eats the end result with a cup of tea!
  • I love this one … let the kids choose! Give the kiddies a budget (smaller budgets work best for this .. how about £5 to spend in the pound shop?) and give them completely free reign … the result with either be hilarious or heartwarmingly thoughtful!
  • This one melted my heart when I saw it on the TeamTOMM Facebook page! Grab one of your partner’s socks and peg it on the washing line. Now peg up one sock for each of your children next to it! Take a lovely pic and frame it. That will be one to treasure!
  • Another wonderful one is to ask the kids to pay it forward and give the gift of an act of kindness so that they can show appreciation for what their dad does for them. Some good suggestions were washing the car and making him all his cups of tea for the day (older kids!!) The gift of time is always gratefully received! 
  • And finally here is something we did for Mike a few years ago. This isn’t our pic but one I nabbed off Pinterest but the basic principle is the same!  He still has it in the loft. He ate the chocolate but stuck the wrappers back on he loved it that much! ?fathers day choc