You Rock! How TOMM has helped Jemma

23rd May 2018 2 min read
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Name  Jemma
How would you describe your working situation? Full time prior to starting TOMM, on Maternity leave currently and due to go back 3 days a week in 2 months time!

Who lives in your house? Myself, my husband and my 10 month old daughter.

Tell us about your typical day My typical day is get up around 6am (thanks 10 month old!), change the baby, have brekkie, shower, get us both dressed. Baby has a nap if I’m lucky then we go to a baby group. Then it’s lunch, maybe another nap, 2 second sit down while baby has a feed then waiting game until dinner time at about 5pm. Then bath, play, bottle, book, bed for about 8pm latest (for the baby that is!) Then I go to bed anywhere from 10-12pm.
How do you fit TOMM in? My little one is a nap fighter so if I do get a nap out of her then I buzz around as quickly as I can during nap time as she normally naps for exactly 30 minutes! But normally my half an hour gets split into about 10-15 minutes chunks where I can get little one engrossed in her toys. Or she ‘helps’ me…. If I’ve really struggled during the day (which is often the case lately!) Then I do my 30 minutes after she has gone to bed.
What have you found the most challenging part of TOMM? Sticking to 30 minutes in just 1 room! (Or 2 if you’re doing bedrooms!) Because if I’m tidying something away and take it out of the room I’m doing and enter another one I can’t help but start doing things in that room!
What have you enjoyed the most about TOMM? Having a schedule! I was diagnosed with postnatal low mood and anxiety after my little girl was born and one of my triggers was the house being a state. I’m a bit of a neat freak germaphobe so to suddenly be at home all day keeping a human alive and yet not being able to find a spare second to clean was really hard for me. So having a schedule and a 30 minute rule was heaven! It’s even better that the website has loads of other general help on there, and there’s such a friendly community to spur you on to.
What are your top tips for newbies to TOMM? Do the boot camp! Even if you don’t think you need to, it just gives you such a boost, and it’s a great starting point. Plus, if your house is anything like mine you will need to declutter in order to speed through your 30 minutes!