Do People Live In Your House? They Live In Mine!

29th Mar 2018 2 min read
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Yesterday I spoke on my Instagram stories all about the driving force behind TOMM. It is something that is so important to me! And it even made me a little bit emotional!

You see it is really hard when you run a blog (that is getting popular by the day) to make sure that you are putting across your true self and to make sure that things don’t get lost in translation. So I wanted to write this today to let you all know what I am about. 

I don’t live in a show home. I haven’t got a palace, I live in an average home that my husband and I have slowly renovated in the five years we have lived here. Most of my furniture is upcycled or from Ikea.

My home is not pristine all the time. I mean come on! Let’s be realistic for a second, I have a Jack Russell and three kids (and a husband!). If I were to tell you that my home was showhome ready 24 hours a day, I think you would be well within your rights to call me a liar!

BUT! And this is a big but (leave the jokes at the door please!) my home is not dirty or overly messy. You might walk in to find an afternoon’s worth of toddler toys on the floor but that is just general proof of life in my home.

And that is what I want to talk to you about.

There is a massive difference between an unclean house and a house that is just a little bit messy!

My home is always clean (thanks to TOMM) but it can be messy. If I let this bother me I would be tidying ALL day! I tell myself t is just surface level mess and it can very often be tidied away super fast – especially if you power out some songs and have a dance whilst you do it!

If you are following The Organised Mum Method then you will be covering the fundamentals on a daily basis and this means that the house will never get out of control. Think of it as a game of whack-a-mole! Little and often keeps everything under control!

So next time you hear that sickening sound of the lego box being tipped out … deep breath … it is just surface level mess … you’ve got this ?