Oi! Lurkers! Over Here! We Need To Talk.

19th Mar 2018 2 min read
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I want to talk to you about face creams! Bear with me!

I am one of those people who buy all the creams and potions, the nice clothes and the sparkly bling (costume jewellery, I can’t afford the real ice!) but then I never wear them or use them! I bought them because I wanted to look nice. But I never use them so then end up wondering why I still look the same! (clue: I need to use the cream and wear the clothes in order to see a change!)

I am going somewhere with this, I promise!

You see The Organised Mum Method is a little bit like that a really expensive miracle cream that you have bought but haven’t used yet! The cream that you had high hopes for but haven’t used (probably because it was so expensive and you don’t want to waste it! ?)

TOMM won’t work if you just print out the printables and stick them to your fridge. You actually have to DO the cleaning! Writing that feels really harsh (please still be my friend!) But even though I have developed a bloody brilliant strategy to keep on top of the housework (modest as always! ?) it requires work from you at the other end.

If I could come down your chimney and do it all for you in the night while you were asleep! (a bit like Father Christmas but for cleaning), then I would.

But I can’t.

So you need to use it or lose it! There’s loads to keep you motivated: Banging playlists on my YouTube, the Team TOMM Facebook Group and FREE access to the whole routine (you don’t need to subscribe or part with a penny!)!

I mean I totally get it. I have a face cream sitting in my bathroom, all sad because it is not fulfilling its beautifying destiny!

Please don’t make me sad (emotional blackmail ?) … I want you to succeed and free yourself from the daily grind of housework.

And unlike that little pot of cream TOMM is 100% FREE and it will never run out!

It is like a neverending pot of magic.

Big Love

Gem ❤️