Make It Seem Like You’ve Cleaned … (When You TOTALLY Haven’t!)

14th Mar 2018 2 min read
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I was looking at my Facebook memories the other day and I saw this status from when I was still in the newborn phase with Jonny.

A spray of polish and some bleach down the loo and to the unsuspecting it seems like you’ve been cleaning all day!

Now I know that some of you are convinced that I live in a palace of clean 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! I hate to burst your bubble but some days the kids get sick, or work takes over and it is damage limitation mode! I do always try to do my level 1 jobs on days like this, BUT I have a few quick-fix tricks up my sleeve for those days when you want to take it slightly easy but still give the illusion that you’ve been cleaning! Maybe the reality is you’ve been sat unable to move from the sofa with a cluster feeding baby or binge eating hash browns (just me?!)

So here are my clandestine quick fixes! 

  1. Smells are your friend! Make your home smell clean! There are very easy ways to do this! Spray some furniture polish in the air/put zoflora down the loo/light a scented candle/open the windows/do a load of washing and then hang a wet item over a warm radiator to dry – it will give of a lovely clean laundry smell!
  2. Do a one song burst. Put on your fave tune and for the whole time it is on clear away as much as you can! Concentrate on getting surfaces as clutter free as poss!
  3. Fill the sink with soapy water and put all the dirty stuff in there … totes looks like you are right in the middle of washing up!
  4. Get plumping the cushions. Nothing gives the illusion of a well cared for home than cushions that are perky! And of course, if there is no bum imprint on the sofa no one can accuse you of sitting on it!
  5. Put on an apron/some rubber gloves! Smoke and mirrors my friends! If someone walks in and sees you are wearing all the gear to clean they won’t dare question what it is actually is you’ve actually done!
  6. Lastly, and this important! Change the channel on the TV to something really boring or better still the last channel you watched last night. So when it gets turned back on it seems you like it hasn’t been on all day. (crafty moi?! – how rude!!)

In all seriousness, we can’t live in show homes all the time and we all know that The Organised Mum Method is all about balance and making sure that the housework doesn’t take over. This blog post is just in case you need a few sneaky strategies under your sleeve.

<<Touches nose>>