Irony: being asked to review an iron when you hate ironing!

5th Mar 2018 < 1 read
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You all know that I’m not a fan of ironing! I have written blog posts on how I avoid it and I make Mike iron all his own shirts (quite right too!)

So when I was asked to review the Pheonix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Iron I couldn’t help but say yes and have a little giggle to myself … the irony (see what I’ve done there?!) was just too good to pass up!

But I stopped in my tracks when I realised that the iron was CORDLESScordless I tell you! One of the reasons why I detest ironing is because I am incapable of positioning the ironing board in the right place. I always end up in a very strange contortionist position, trying to reach every part of the garment because the flex won’t reach.

But this iron promised FREEDOM!

In the interests of fairness, I had to make sure that Mike used it too  (after all he is the one that does most of the ironing in the household) and it has now replaced our usual boring iron that is attached to the plug.

Has it turned me into an ironing goddess? The jury is out! But it is a lot less of a faff  to iron something quickly … this was proved the other morning when Tom came in for breakfast dressed for school looking like he had left his uniform in a pile on the floor (turned out he had!) Out came the Pheonix FreeFlight and I quickly whizzed over his stuff like a pro!

(I thought the kids were going to faint because this never happens) .

… have I mentioned it is cordless?!

If you want to check the iron out you can here …