I Don’t Spring Clean (and you don’t have to either!)

13th Feb 2018 2 min read
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Lots of you have asked me if I am going to do a Spring Clean plan … similar to the HUGELY popular Organised Christmas Plan

The short answer to that is no ? Bear with me … I can explain!

The idea of Spring cleaning is one of those adulty things that we feel we should be doing  … it is a bit like doing yoga or drinking green smoothies in the morning (I am the only one who thinks they taste like grass?! … maybe I am doing it wrong!)

The truth is Spring Cleaning is actually an outdated notion! Especially if you follow a cleaning routine like The Organised Mum Method.

If you don’t already know, The Organised Mum Method (or TOMM as we affectionately call it) is a super efficient cleaning routine that runs on a rolling 8-week cycle, meaning every area of your home is kept looking pukka … ALL YEAR ROUND!

Spring Cleaning used to be done when the dark days of winter had passed and our homes would need a bloody good scrub to get rid of all the soot from the real fires and the general grime and mud that would accumulate without hoovers, steam cleaners and bleach! ? Basically when we lived in a house akin to something from Downton Abbey.

We don’t need to take our rugs outside and beat them with a rug beater … we have hoovers! Why does that sentence sound rude?!

So if you are already mega busy and are panicking about how you are going to fit a Spring Clean in then worry not! It really isn’t needed if you are following TOMM

(chorus of Angels!)

By all means freshen up your home! Throw open the windows, have a switch around of the furniture, buy some new cushions or flowers. But there is no need to start repeating jobs that are already taken care of as part of TOMM … just because you feel you should!

If you are following TOMM then the little and often approach will mean you are sorted! This is the beauty of it!

If things have gotten out of hand (whatever time of year it is!) then just use the Messy House Bootcamp and you’ll be back on track within a week. Oh and don’t forget there is also the Clutter Buster for when you seem to have accumulated lots of STUFF! Between TOMM, Bootcamp and Clutter Buster your home will be fresh all year!

So wherever you are on your TOMM journey I have you covered! Now sit down relax and book a Summer holiday or something ?

Gem ❤️