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17th Jan 2018 2 min read
Category: Housekeeping Tips

Sunday Plan For The Week Ahead (10)Feeling overwhelmed by housework? Want more time in the day to do fun stuff?

The Organised Mum Method has the potential to REVOLUTIONISE your life! So what are you waiting for? All of the information you need to get started is in the Beginners’ Guide (you’ll see it in the main menu).

Oh and it is ALL FREE (I’m nice like that!!) ❤️

Welcome to #teamtomm (The Organised Mum Method)

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Need more convincing …Here is a handful of reviews from the Facebook page ?

“The best. Read it, print it, follow it.”

“Been following this method for a while now … approx 6 months. It’s been fab. My house is tidier and more importantly, I have a routine! Love following Gemma on Instagram such a lovely lady 

“Absolutely love The Organised Mum Method! It’s amazing what you can achieve in just half an hour. Really enjoy the videos and blog posts – full of great tips and straightforward advice. Thank you!”

“It has changed the way I think about my housework, I no longer dread it! Get your timer on, get it done, get on with the rest of the day! Great with a young child. Also, Gemma is hilarious to follow!”

“Fantastic method. Let’s me keep on top of the house without the stress. Really helped me when our house was on the market and viewings were booked at short notice. (It sold in 5 days)!! Thanks The Organised Mum.”