Fake Christmas | We have TWO Christmas Days!

1st Dec 2017 2 min read
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We all know I lurrrvvvvvvvve the sh!t out of Christmas! But the trouble is that it is only one day of the year. Not in my house! We have two Christmas Days ? Now before you get concerned … I am not one of those people you see on the news who has Christmas Day every day of the year!

There is a method to my madness … we don’t live close by to our family. We are a good 2 hour’s drive away and it can make the festive season tricky. When Mike and I first got together we didn’t want to have the annual discussion about who’s house we were going to spend Christmas Day at! Nor did we want to spend the day travelling up and down the motorway!

So we came up with a solution!

Each year on the first Saturday of December we have a family get together and make like it is Christmas Day. I mean we go the whole hog (or turkey!) have the Christmas dinner, wear our Christmas jumpers, play monopoly and the house is decorated in its full Christmas finery. Basically, we go to town!

In fact a couple of years ago our neighbours moved in on Fake Christmas and they were a bit perplexed when they popped round to introduce themselves and were greeted by a group of half tipsy, Christmas jumper wearing grinning faces! I did go round with a bottle of something fizzy the next day to explain! ?

And it is happening THIS WEEKEND … we are spreading the Christmas joy and having our Fake Christmas on Saturday and I am peeing myself a little I am so excited!

If you want to watch how it all went down then here is the video and you can watch all the festive shenanigans (love that word!!)

Gem x