Where Do I Start?

29th Nov 2017 2 min read
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If you are new to the blog then you’re going to love it here ? I will hold your hand and walk you back to order! Check out the messy house bootcamp and the clutter buster if your home is in need of serious intervention.  Once you’ve got it all under control you can then follow the organised mum method 

BUT it can be really hard to know WHERE to start! Sometimes it is less about physically doing it and more about getting your head in the game!

Sometimes you can walk into a room and want to turn on your heels and walk straight out again! Sometimes life might have happened and housework was put on the back burner (or even taken off the stove altogether!).

When you find yourself in a situation like this I want you to read the following. Then read it again and let it sink in.

First things first.

Second things second. 

If you are anything like me then you will want to sort out ALL THE THINGS RIGHT NOW! And you’ll run around like a whirlwind trying to do everything at once. You will inevitably end up a sweaty, hot, red-faced mess, stressed out and frustrated.

So here are my top tips to make sure that you tackle the mess in a measured and methodical way ? High Five THAT! 

You have to start somewhere! So pick a spot and then work your way clockwise around the room. Tidying and cleaning anything that is in your path. This will mean that you aren’t flitting from one thing to another. It will make you feel in control because you have a plan ? High Five for the plan!!! 

If you are faced with a whole house to tackle, then always start with the kitchen. Nothing is more depressing then fighting your way through last night’s lasagne dishes when you are trying to make your morning coffee. The whole day will just start WRONG. 

Don’t try to tackle the whole lot at once. Especially if it has built up over time. Set yourself a time limit. Commit to working damn hard during this time and smash it! Knowing there is an endpoint will make it much less daunting. And as a little Brucie bonus…. often you will be shocked at how much you have achieved.

Stop beating yourself up for letting it get to this state in the first place. Negative self-talk has no place here! BE GONE!  You are moving forward and doing something positive. So praise yourself for that instead. Time for another High Five ?

Gem ❤️