Organised Christmas: Week 12

20th Nov 2017 2 min read
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Happy week 12 of #organisedchristmas ?
Ok Elves who is ready to start wrapping this up? ?? (pun intended) It is the penultimate week, so enough of the chit chat let’s get down to business…
⭐️ If you still have a few pressies left to buy then get them bought this week. Remember to wrap as you go! Aim to have all presents bought, wrapped, labelled and stored safely by November 30th.
⭐️ But 2 or 3 emergency gifts… generic bottles of wine for the grown ups and gift cards for the kiddies … just in case you find yourself in that totes awks situation where someone surprises you with a gift and you haven’t bought them one ?

until next week … now go fourth and spread the Christmas Magic!