Organised Christmas: Week 11

13th Nov 2017 < 1 read
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Elves Assemble!

It is week 11 (11!!!) of #organisedchristmas ?
Shiz is getting real folks! Now for some of you this will be an easy week and for others this may be a bit tougher!
It is time for the pre Christmas spruce up and home check! Let’s get everything in order and sparkly, ready for the decs to go up. If you follow along with #theorganisedmummethod then you will be pretty much on top of the house and there won’t be that much to do. But if you are new to the method or don’t follow along then you might want to head over to the blog and have a go at the One Week Messy House Bootcamp. Get this done and you’ll have a fresh blank canvas to adorn with all the festive trimmings you want. Nothing is going to ruin your festive flow like a massive layer of dust under the tinsel!
Things to look for as you go … .
⭐️Lightbulbs … make sure you have some in … in case the bulb goes as you are carving the turkey!
⭐️BATTERIES! I repeat BATTERIES have a good stock in … there is always that one toy! And god think of the horror if the batteries on your remote control go on Xmas day …. you’d have to get up to change the channel! ? ?
⭐️ Test your smoke alarms.
⭐️ Finally check through your medicine cabinet, chuck out anything that is past its best and restock as necessary.
Until next week gang! I am getting VERY excited now! ?