Striking a balance – nourishing ourselves whilst being “Mum” (by Kelly Vines)

8th Nov 2017 3 min read
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Before we get started on the important bit, I thought I would give you an insight into how this blog post came about. The lovely Gemma from “The Organised Mum” got in touch with me having seen some of my posts on Instagram. I jumped at the chance to guest blog as blogging is something I really love doing when I get the time. Time being the operative word right…that precious commodity which is wasted on those young childless folk! So a whole month later I am finally sitting down to write this…life with 2 children, illness, a burst water pipe, a broken fridge freezer and a half-term holiday just got in the way! But that’s ok as that’s life and it’s what we’re meant to be here for right? So I guess this leads me into talking about one of the biggest disruptors to our overall wellbeing…STRESS!

Being a Nutritional Therapist brings about a whole world of stresses…am I doing the right thing for my client? Will they conform to the plan I have set them? Will they think my plan is codswallop and never come back again…however one of the main things we are taught is that chronic stress is one of the worst states to be in for our body. Don’t get me wrong we need a bit of stress, the acute, low level kind that encourages us we need to get out of bed in the morning (or is that the kids???), not the kind that leaves us feeling like we are running from a hungry pack of wolves! However most of us in this day and age are living with the “fight or flight” response daily and this sends our hormones all over the place which has a knock on effect for the whole body. Our immune system lowers, we gain weight, we deplete vital nutrients so our bodies require more, we want to rest more than be active and this is not good for our mental health either. Now I am a mum of two beautiful girls, one 5 and one almost 9 months. They bring their own set of stresses but I have learned over my years how to help myself be calm, here are a few of the ways I do this:

Walk away – when the older one is pushing my buttons and talking to her is like trying to convince the devil to wear white, it’s the only thing to do to keep yourself sane and calm.

Take a magnesium bath – soak in magnesium flakes for 20 mins in the evening when the kids are in bed and stick on some meditation from You Tube. Most people nowadays are low in magnesium due to over farming and it lacking in our soil. We need magnesium for calming the nervous system. It is the nutrient responsible for relaxing the muscles (calcium contracts the muscles) so soaking for 20 minutes before bed really helps with sleep and relaxation.

Ensuring I fuel my body well with enough nutrients to enable my body to have a good immune system and keep those stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) balanced. So for the time poor here is a list of some essential food/meal ideas I like to think of as my armour to keep me sane so I don’t have to think too much about what I’m going to feed myself:

Smoothie for breakfast – takes 5 mins to whizz up and I can do this whilst making breakfast for the little ones and drink it whilst I feed them – ingredients:

  • Handful of spinach
  • Big glug of almond milk
  • Banana
  •  Apple
  • Pumpkin seeds (tbsp.)
  • Flaxseeds (linseeds) (tbsp.)
  • Spirulina powder (tbsp.)
  • Ginger root (1 inch – you can leave the skin on but wash it)
  • Handful of frozen berries
  • Coconut oil (tsp.)

Organic sulphite free apricots for snacking with some almonds – full of iron and protein.

Soups – you can buy some really nice fresh soups from the supermarket and these are always really good to have in for a quick healthy lunch or dinner.

Eggs – these are so versatile you can knock up a quick omelette with some mushrooms and spinach in, scrambled, poached or make a frittata – all so easy and healthy and packed full of protein to give you energy and keep you full.

BROCCOLI – my fave food of all time – has so many benefits – too many to list so get that in daily if you can as a side or in a frittata or any way you can!

So hopefully this has given you some ideas, I could talk for hours about this subject so be sure to check out my instagram @feed_me_healthy for more tips…Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup…if I had a pound for every time someone had told me that I would be a rich lady and sat on a lovely warm beach right now! BUT…it’s the truest, most honest thing I have heard in a long time!

Thanks for reading,