Five Jobs You Can Do in 5 Minutes ….

7th Nov 2017 2 min read
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You know that my mantra is little and often … this is the KEY to staying on top of everything at home. If you ever find yourself with 5 minutes to kill then utilise them!

So with this in mind, I want to talk about those little faffy jobs that seem neither here nor there but when left unchecked can really put a spanner in the works! These jobs mount up until you are faced with a daunting list of mini tasks that make you want to hide in the cupboard and speed eat custard creams!

Emptying the dishwasher … I really hate emptying the dishwasher it is so bloody boring! BUT whenever I do it I am always reminded how quickly the pain is over! Plus then you have a sparkly new canvas to load up again with lots of dirty dishes!

Putting a load of washing away. Again a job that just seems thankless! But so much better to put washing away as soon as it is done. Putting one load of washing away is much more palatable than putting away a week’s worth on a Sunday night! The HORROR! 

Making dinner (stick with me on this one!) Sometimes the thought of making a home cooked dinner can seem like a luxury that you don’t have the time or energy for… especially if you are k-nackered at the end of a long day! In steps the slow cooker … I have several go to meals that literally take 5 mins to prep and cook away all day so all you have to do is come home and serve it! Plus now that your dishwasher is empty you can load the dirty slow cooker pan straight into it! We are hitting it out of the park now! Loads of easy slow cooker recipes HERE

Put FIVE things back where they belong …. Tackle that clutter a little bit at a time! This is perfect for those of you who look at your house and want to shut your eyes and hope that if you don’t see the clutter it doesn’t exist! Mess attracts more mess! If your home is cluttered with stuff on all surfaces then it is very easy to dump more stuff on the stuff and then it just seems to breed! So take five minutes to bring the clutter level down.

File paperwork! Another booorring job that we like to put off! But much better to keep on top of it than having to spend a whole morning doing house admin! YAWN

Gem x