Repeat after me: Perfection Does Not Exist!

2nd Nov 2017 2 min read
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I put up a post yesterday on my instagram page …


This was the picture that went with it. I know classy right?

I have only had Insta since Jan and the truth be known I haven’t got a bloody clue what I am doing! From what I can tell it is a bit of a strange old place. It is really easy to fill your feed full of stuff that can make you feel a bit well disempowered or to put it a little bit more bluntly … a bit crap about yourself.

When I first joined I filled by feed with lovely home accounts, fitness accounts, fashion accounts. And when I scrolled through what I saw did not mirror the reality of my life.

There was no cellulite, no post natal tummies and no houses that had a pile of washing up in the sink (or washing drying in the bath)

Now I am not saying that the real honest accounts don’t exist …because they do .. you just need to look a little deeper into the depths of the insta world.

Someone and I can’t remember who it was (if it was you then thanks!) described Instagram a like a magazine which you pick the content for. And this has stuck with me ever since. I set about changing my feed and turning it into something that me laugh and inspired me rather than something that brought me down. Try it is is freeing! I have made a little list below of all the accounts that are my firm faves on here … if you don’t follow them go and have a bucthers.

And remember the golden rule: PERFECT IS BORING!

@mum_life_with_toni .
@big_fat_greekmother .
@clairelgoodtimes .
@doesmybumlook40 .
@fishfingersandgin .
@cherry_tree_lane_17 .
@mother_of_elliot .
@mother_pukka .
@thepsychologymum .
@stylemesunday .
@the_slightlylessorganised_dad (Natch cos I luvs him for those of you who don’t know he is my husband!)
@celestebarber .