Organised Christmas: Week 9

30th Oct 2017 < 1 read
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Week NINE (holy moly it is getting closer!!!) of #organisedchristmas ?
I can almost SMELL the mulled wine! ?
right … This week I want you to think cards, parcels and post!

⭐️ Buy your cards and write them … write the envelopes and put them somewhere safe ready to post on Dec 1st! ⭐️ Make sure you wrap the pressies as you go … REALLY IMPORTANT … also remember to LABEL them ? or you will forget who they are for!!!

⭐️ If you are posting abroad then check postal dates NOW and plan what you are going to send and when it needs to be sent by. Check them here

⭐️ Lastly get thee down to the pound shop and stock up on gift bags, cards and other wrapping paraphernalia ?