Organised Christmas:Week 7

16th Oct 2017 2 min read
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Week 7!

We are over half way through the plan … so get prepared to get serious! 
 If they haven’t already done it get your kids to start writing their lists. If you have a significant other (and I can’t say this without thinking of Del and Racquel from Only Fools And Horses ) Then you need to talk to them NOW about what they want! You don’t to have a last minute scramble, panic buying them a present! This will totally ruin your festive flow! Also start dropping some pressie idea bombs yourself! I knew someone who got given a spatula for Christmas! A SPATULA! I kid you not!I saw her in Tesco on Dec 27th returning it at customer services! You do not want this to be you! 

⭐️ Don’t forget to buy popular gifts early and WRAP AS YOU GO ?

⭐️ Aim to have pressies bought, wrapped and labelled by Dec 1st.
Until next time! Elves OUT!