Organised Christmas: Week 4

25th Sep 2017 2 min read
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It’s time for us to step back into our elf alter egos! And this week it starts to get GOOOOD!

? The main task for this week is to set your budget. I want you to think about everything. Food, pressies, travel costs, also plan for all the little miscellaneous things that can often add up to quite a hefty sum … wrapping paper, cards, stamps, batteries … your budget can be as detailed as you like but the most important thing is that it’s realistic! My top tip is to work out how many more paydays you have until the big day. This will tell you how much money is coming your way and you can then work backwards to set your budget.

The other golden rule is to not overstretch yourself!

Try this: Go and ask your kids what they got for Christmas last year ….

I bet there will be a bit of head scratching as both them (and you) try to remember. This will put it into perspective! It is much better to buy one memorable gift than lots of plastic tat! January is sucky enough as it is but it is even more sucky if you’re skint!

? The next task is to work out WHO you are going to be buying for and then set a limit for each person (I may or may not make a spreadsheet for all this ?) Start to think about WHAT you want to buy people. This is a really good time to set your kid’s expectations! They might be dreaming of an iphone 11  (Tom I’m looking at you!) but your budget might nearer to the Nokia 3210! You can now start buying ??? … but heed my word of warning. Buy early for relatives as their wants are fairly static ,but hold your nerve a bit on the pressies for the kids … they might have a last minute want (not good when you’ve spent all the cash!) Your main aim is to get all gifts bought and wrapped by November 30th. This is when my kids know that the Christmas list can’t be changed!

Until next time! Don’t forget to stick to the four main elf food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup ❤️