Mum Down! The Butterfly Effect of a Mum Getting Sick.

15th Sep 2017 2 min read
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I am sat here in some very fetching pjs (If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook then you will know the ones I mean!). I am the embodiment of a sexy domestic goddess. I just hope the Next delivery lady doesn’t knock on the door (I waiting on an order of a second pair of said PJs – they are seriously THAT comfy!).

This week I had to call in the cavalry. You see (and I KNOW you’ll get this) when the primary carer gets sick, things can a bit errr ….. tricky. We can’t pull a nanny, cleaner, cook or chauffeur out of our arses!

I come from good stock, a strong hardy breed of Northern women. If I was a cow I’d fetch a bloody fortune at the farmer’s auction! I have my nana to thank for that – she had the constitution of an ox! So normally I just pull my socks up and power through. But not this time.

Let’s look at the the situation that I found myself in. I am a mum to three boys, a step-mum, have a dog, run the house, cook, clean and work from home. All this is my job. BUT I can’t call in sick. I can’t pull the duvet over my head and phone my boss to tell them I am not coming in. (Do I even have a boss? … I suppose you could count Ben the Two Year Old Tyrant) I even had to plan my hospital trip around the school runs ( Face …  Palm!).

I have no family who live close by so it fell on my husband to pick up the slack (thank God my days of being a single parent are over, seriously you guys rock!). This meant he had to take two days off work to make sure that the important things got done – you know like the kids getting fed.

Me getting sick had a butterfly effect on lots of people. His meetings got cancelled, directly affecting his colleagues and their travel plans. Work loads changed and he had to catch up in the evenings.

Damn you infected armpit! (Told you I was sex on legs).

I hope he doesn’t get sick any time soon, they might not be quite as patient! Take your vitamin C Mike!

So what’s the answer? All I can come up with is just don’t get sick (not very helpful).

But this is why self care is SO important. It might seem like something that is wishy washy and at the very bottom of your to do list, but when YOU stop EVERYTHING stops! So you mustn’t let it get to that point! I did and I got my fingers burnt.

Ok lecture over … but please promise me to plan some me time into your days.

Prioritise yourself! 

(Disclaimer on reading this back I just wanted to make it clear that my armpit ishooo has not come about as a result of a lack of washing. I do wash! I have just been unlucky  …. it seems that the odds were just not in my favour!)