Organised Christmas 2020

24th Aug 2017 < 1 read
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The Big Man will be here before we know it, but don’t panic … I will get you sorted!

Ok, let’s get down to business… 

I LOVE Christmas but when I became a mum it all got a bit stressy. I felt the pressure with the never-ending list of “stuff” to do. The first couple of Christmases were spent chasing my tail and I didn’t feel like I enjoyed it as much (sound familiar?) So I devised a plan and I have stuck it each year since!

To follow along make sure you are following me on Instagram or Facebook and I will put weekly prompts on there for you.  If you stick with me the pressies will be sorted and wrapped, the house will be decorated and shiny and the food will all be planned. EVERYTHING sorted by Dec 1st. Which means you will have the rest of December free to enjoy the festivities and NOT be running around like a headless chicken! Sound good?

I will give you a handful of jobs to complete at some point during that week. The #organisedchristmas plan is super simple to follow and breaks all those daunting jobs down into bitesize chunks.

Gem ❤️