Do You Clean TOO Much? … You Need The Organised Mum Method.

24th May 2017 2 min read
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In a straw poll, 96% of people said they felt more relaxed about cleaning since they started following The Organised Mum Method. •

There is more to life than cleaning!

Shocking right? That statement might seem a bit odd coming from me, considering I am the creator of a cleaning routine called  The Organised Mum Method but bear with me ….

When left unchecked I can be a bit of a self confessed neat freak (I know another shock!) and there have been times in the past when I have been told (by those who love me of course!) that I need to calm the cleaning!

But how can adding a cleaning routine into your life help if you already obsess about the cleaning?

Well … followers of the blog have commented recently that The Organised Mum Method has actually helped them cut down on their cleaning. They are happy because their house still looks neat and tidy AND they have freed up A LOT of their time!

These people are self confessed neat freaks and cleaning dynamos! So one would imagine that they don’t need me kicking me them up the bum (metaphorically speaking of course!) on a daily basis to make sure they get the cleaning done!

Quite the opposite really but by following the method they are actually cutting their cleaning time! 

It worked like this for me too! Before I had children I could spend hours cleaning and tidying. I had a tendency to be quite obsessed with it and I used it as a type of therapy when things were getting on top of me. Some people go for a run …. I clean!

Sound familiar? I know that I am not alone in this and that you might be reading and nodding along!

Things changed when I had children and I didn’t have the time (or energy) to clean as much as I had done before kids. This used to make me feel anxious and as though I was failing (mum guilt!).

I knew that I needed to find a way of becoming more chilled out about the housework, whilst still making sure that it all got done.

Cue the The Organised Mum Method! When I devised the method the amount of time that I spent cleaning was dramatically reduced.

Mainly because…

  1. I wasn’t repeating jobs unnecessarily
  2. Every part of the house was getting cleaned regularly, so I could relax knowing that it was all going to get covered.

The amount of relief this can bring is huge – and feedback from others who are following along is backing this up too. I recently ran a poll on The Organised Mum Facebook Group  page – if you haven’t joined yet then go check it out! 32 out of 33 people said that they have felt more relaxed about cleaning since they have been following The Organised Mum Method.

So it seems that The Organised Mum Method is not only helping people who are falling behind on the cleaning but also those who feel they need to reign the cleaning in!

I think that is pretty awesome!

Unchain yourself from the housework and go out and do something fun in the time you win back! 

•32 out of 33 people said that they felt more relaxed about cleaning when they followed The Organised Mum Method.