The Mysterious Case of the Odd Sock! Where Do They All Go?!

14th Mar 2017 2 min read
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You know the scenario you are stood looking at 3 odd socks … now you KNOW that you put 3 pairs of socks into the washing machine! But 3 of them seem to have gone AWOL.

Are the socks plotting amongst themselves whilst they are spinning round in the machine…? I guess when you are a sock you have to get your kicks somewhere!

Left sock: Hide in that pillowcase … they will never find you!

Right sock: Dude! YES!!!

Seriously where do all the socks go? 

There is ALWAYS one that has hidden itself in the duvet cover. One might have fallen down the back of the washing basket. One falls out of your arms as you are carrying the laundry to the washing machine. They get caught up in other clothes, fall off the washing line and get blown into oblivion (or the dog runs off with it!).


A sad sock

I have tried many strategies to regain control over the sock situation in my house!

I have bought everyone black socks… this was a good idea in theory (if not very boring) but it meant that my hubby usually ended up with one child’s black sock and one adult black sock! Not ideal when you have a proper grown up job and your colleagues think you are trying to start a new trend!

I have tried washing all socks together …. but the sheer HELL of pairing them all back in one go is enough to turn me into a woman on the edge.

I kept a basket for the odd socks …like a holding bay until they were reunited with their other halves … but the basket just became fuller and fuller. It was like the odd socks were breeding!!

Then I found laundry bags ….. I bet you have been using them for ages right?! Well …I have always been a late adopter. These things have rocked my world (Don’t judge me … I am a mum of three kids … I don’t get out much!).

You bung all the socks from that load into the net bag … and the little rascals have nowhere to run!

I am even thinking about going one step further and giving everyone their own little sock laundry bag – too much?!


Will someone think of the socks!!