You Have 3 Kids and a Dog … and You Have a White Sofa?!

10th Mar 2017 2 min read
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I have a white sofa (yes you read that right!) … and I have a home that is filled with kids and a dog (mess making machines!)

I am washing my sofa slipcovers today – a hugely satisfying job! – and when I saw them freshly cleaned and drying it came to me in a flash of inspiration that I should spread the word to you lovely lot about the massive benefits of having a white sofa with washable covers!

People who stop by my house are usually shocked by my choice – I swear they must look at me and think “She has finally gone cray cray!”

Ah Ha!! That’s where they are wrong! My sofas are white but there is a reason behind behind my madness!

As you can imagine the sofas in my house get quite a bit of wear and tear. I have not been as strict with my dog as I should have been and I let him sit next to me on the sofa …Well who could resist this face?

Put that together with these ….


…and I am sure that’s all the proof you need that the sofa takes a bit of a beating.

When I was choosing a sofa I needed something that was:

  • comfortable
  • easy to clean
  • looked good
  • was versatile (as I like to change my room decor often!)

I chose the IKEA Ektorp, as it fitted the bill perfectly. It is SO easy to clean, as the covers are fully removable and washable at home – you don’t need to take them to the dry cleaners! BONUS!

I have had the sofa for about 4 years now and it still looks fab – I don’t have to get tetchy if the kids have snuck chocolate into the living room and have got a bit on the sofa. I know my good old faithful white sofa can take it!  …. It even survived when it had a whole cup of tea split across it HUSBAND I AM LOOKING AT YOU! … we took the covers of straight away and washed them and it was as good as new! Good old IKEA! 10/10

So there you have it proof that I am not as mad as a bag of snakes!

Such proof can’t be found though for my slightly over the top cushion addiction! 🙂