The drawer that time forgot (a.k.a. the Junk Drawer!/ Man Drawer!)

2nd Mar 2017 2 min read
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Today’s post was inspired by one of my Instagram followers … Do you have one of these drawers in your house? .. ours is in the kitchen… or maybe you have a junk cupboard ….Monica I am looking at YOU!  ?


Now it can be argued that there is a need for a place like this in all our homes. There is always going to be miscellaneous stuff around … we can’t tidy away and organise EVERYTHING!

But there are things we can do in order to prevent the junk from breeding…! 

  1. Keep the junk dumping zone as small as possible. If you can’t fit a lot in there then you will be forced to put it away in its proper home! Our junk drawer is teeny tiny and really just houses spare pens and of course the obligatory takeaway menus! Incidentally this rule also applies to handbags … the bigger the handbag the more crap you will put in it!! 

  1. Sort through the drawer and if you can’t remember what it is for/its broken/you haven’t used it ages THEN THROW IT AWAY! 
  2. If your drawer is full of random stuff that you actually use then give them all a proper home! Keep all small similar items together in small boxes.Think batteries, lightbulbs, sewing kits, pens etc DO NOT put these boxes back in the junk drawer! If they have a use then they deserve their own little place in your home. We have a kitchen cupboard where the candles, torches, batteries, small toolkits and light bulbs etc all live. I call it the odd job cupboard :). Next time you need a battery you will know you have a box full of them!

At this point I HAVE TO drop this here… It is one of my faves and sums it up perfectly!