C.B.A. Days and How to Deal with Them!

28th Feb 2017 2 min read
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We all have C.B.A. (can’t be arsed) Days.

However you might be slightly classier than me and call them Duvet Days!

I have them. And when they come a knocking I embrace them, down tools and welcome the downtime. More often than not a one day break from the normal routine is enough for me to reset and get back to it the next day.

I appreciate the value of a day in your onesie eating Pringles!

I am of the mind that there is zero point pushing yourself to do things halfheartedly, as you won’t do them to the best of your ability and you will more than likely have to do them again. It is like that saying “If you buy cheap you buy twice”. Don’t cheapen your efforts. If you can’t properly commit then wait until you feel like you can.

But how can you make sure that CBA days don’t become the norm? Well it is quite simple really you need to become your future friend. Make yourself accountable to your future self. I don’t mean yourself in 5 years time …  I mean the tomorrow you … not tomorrow in the abstract sense… the very imminent and just around the corner day after today! 

Let me explain …

If I know that I am trying to put something off (like doing the laundry) I ask myself how I will feel about the decision tomorrow. If I know I will kick myself for making my life harder, then this is usually enough for me to crack on and get it done.

I know that if I put off doing my laundry then I will have double the amount to do tomorrow … and if I put it off all week, then I won’t be able to close the washing basket by the time Friday rolls around. I don’t want to spend my whole weekend doing washing so I go for the lesser of the two evils and suck it up today.

You know your grandma knew her stuff when she told you that a stitch in time saved nine! 

But … as sure as eggs is eggs there are going to be some days when you genuinely can’t do stuff. Whether it is illness, your baby won’t let you put them down or you are just in a pig of a bad mood. These are the days when you need to recognise that you are fallible and be kind to yourself.

If I ask myself “How will you feel about this decision tomorrow?” … and my truthful answer is. “I didn’t sleep last night, I am bloody knackered and quite frankly an hour on the sofa scrolling through Instagram will stand me in much better stead” then I respect the beauty of the CBA Day go and put on my onesie  … Pringle anyone ?