Help!! Unexpected Guest … Emergency Tidy Routine.

2nd Feb 2017 < 1 read
Category: Hacks & Top Tips | Housekeeping Tips

Been there! Even with our best intentions (and even if you are following The Organised Mum Method) then there will inevitably be times when your house is a little less than perfect!

Right on cue (it is like they can sense it!) someone announces they are calling over and you need a quick fire clean-up ASAP! 

Fear not! Try these quick fixes to make your house appear ALOT cleaner than it actually is! Smoke and mirrors my friends … smoke and mirrors 🙂

  • Open windows to give rooms a really good airing.
  • VERY QUICK HOOVER – literally just the areas you can see!
  • Grab a bin bag (or 2, depending on the clutter around you!!) and throw everything in there and then put these in a room that you know your guests won’t be going) – you can deal with the contents of the bag later!
  • Clean the guest bathroom. Paying attention to shining the taps – it will give the impression that the bathroom is always sparkly!
  • Pour some nice smelling toilet cleaner into the toilet.HELLO Zoflora!
  • Make sure there is soap/toilet roll and a clean hand towel in the guest bathroom.
  • Straighten cushions in the living room
  • If you have dirty dishes in the sink you have two options 1) fill the sink with hot soapy water and act like you were about to do the washing up! or 2) put them somewhere that can’t be seen (like the dishwasher … if you put them in the oven remember to take them out before you turn it on!!!)
  • Spray a non offensive air freshener or light a scented candle.
  • Put the kettle on!!

Good luck 🙂