Make your home safe for your kids. Things you can do RIGHT NOW!

23rd Jan 2017 2 min read
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Serious hat on now!

This is a very important topic and something that often gets put off. The reality is that you need to really child proof your house BEFORE your baby becomes old enough to get up to mischief.

This will achieve two things:

  1. It will keep them safe
  2. It will save you from worrying about it, and therefore save you stress!

So I have written a list of things that you can do TODAY to make your home safer.

Of course there are the obvious things like:

  • Buying and fitting stair gates,
  • Putting in socket protectors,
  • Securing all heavy furniture to the walls,
  • Putting a fire evacuation drill in place,
  • Fitting smoke alarms,
  • Fitting cupboard and window locks


But the list below is full things you can do right this second, whilst you are waiting for the rest of the stuff to arrive from Amazon. It is in no way an exhaustive list and its always a good idea to do your own research. But I hope it helps!

  1. Put all your cleaning and toxic products in a high up cupboard, well away from curious toddlers.  This might take a little bit of move around in the kitchen, but take the bleach etc that usually lives under the sink (right at toddler height) and move it into a higher place. It might mean that you have to keep your tupperware under the sink but who cares?
  2. If you don’t have a plastic bathmat to stop them from slipping in the bath use a towel – and remember never leave a small child unattended in the bath.
  3. Before you put plastic carrier bags away tie a knot in them.
  4. Tie up all blind cords so that they are out completely out of reach. As they are a strangulation hazard
  5. Always use the hob furthest away from the front, as this will keep pans as far away from little hands as possible.
  6. Carrying on from point 5, when using a pan on the hob, turn its handle away from you, towards the wall so that toddlers can’t reach up and grab it.
  7. Keep those little laundry capsules (you know the ones that look alarmingly like sweets) well away from the little ones.

If you have any more top tips, add them in the comments below and I will add them to the blog 🙂

Gem x