Do You Shuffle Around the Supermarket like a Zombie? Two Words: Menu Plan!

10th Jan 2017 2 min read
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Do you ever find yourself wandering aimlessly around the Co-Op of an evening wondering what the hell you are going to have for dinner? Add a couple of whiney kids to the mix and I can pretty much guarantee you that this isn’t your ideal way to spend your time.

So you stick a pizza in your basket and promise yourself that you will do better tomorrow.

Why I plan my menus:

  • It really helps with portion control. when you make a list of everything  you need it saves you from overbuying. You can buy the exact amount of meat for a recipe (for example) and have no wastage.
  • You will find that it is SO much easier to eat healthier, if you are planning your meals on a weekly basis you can make sure that your family are eating a varied diet. (I like to make sure that they get at least two portions of fish a week and at least one plant based dinner).
  • IT SAVES YOU MONEY, the more times you go to the supermarket the more likely you are to spend money on impulse buys – especially if you have the kids with you.
  • You can expand your culinary horizons. If you want to extend your meal time repertoire then menu planning is your friend. Its so much easier coming up with meal inspiration when you are sat at home flicking through a cookbook than it is when you are shuffling up and down the freezer aisle like a zombie!
  • If you are busy then plan slow cooker meals. They are often super simple to prep, can cook away during the day and will be ready when you need them later. Plus there is only one bowl to wash up WINNING!
  • You can  AVOID THE SUPERMARKET! Yes!!! Meal plan, shop online and get it delivered. (HAPPY DANCE!)

Just think of the time you can save!!

You could use all that extra time to have a LONG SOAK IN THE BATH!

Well OK maybe I am pushing it a bit. You will probably end up doing laundry 🙂

Gem x